POST-CONFERENCE  March 5-9 (5 days)  


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Post Conference Courses

With Michael Watson

“In all my years with NLP and Personal Development, Core Transformation is the most powerful life-change process I've ever come across.”

In this unique 2-day experiential format, participants have the opportunity to start making deep personal changes for yourself and discovering the real power within

Use this gentle and heart-filled method to connect easily with the core of your being as you discover the keys to a richer and even more fulfilling life - resolving issues that have held you back and giving expression to your deepest desires.

Not only that, you can enjoy these benefits while learning this gentle and easy-to-master process that you can use to help others as well

So whether you're pursuing personal growth for yourself, or if you want to be of service to your friends, associates, clients, or family -  this program is for you. (It's especially recommended for counselors, therapists, coaches, and "people helpers" of all kinds and integrates well with your existing skills)

Special post-retreat tuition for this powerful program is only $350 and includes a specialty certification from IHF

International Trainer Michael Watson brings 37 years of experience in hypnosis and NLP to this course.  He is a Society of NLP Certified Trainer of NLP and an instructor of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  A student of Stephen Gilligan, Michael specializes in Generative Trance and Personal Evolution.  He is licensed by Connirae Andreas, creator of Core Transformation, to offer this program.

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Post Conference Classes

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