Entertainment Extraordinaire

Martin Castor Petersen
World-Class Mesmerizing Mentalism

An update on 1920s mind-reading shows with a very hypnotizing twist.

I call it psychological entertainment – spiced up with advanced readings of body language and covert hypnosis. It’s brain manipulation with a side order of authentic comedy.

World-class entertainment. Only a few hypnotists can call themselves world-class and international. Martin has performed in more than 15 countries, headlined in Las Vegas and hypnotized more than 150,000 people all over the world and performed on TV and radio. And he’s not just clever with language and comedy. Martin is absolutely a real performer.

Amazing hypnosis skills. Martin is called the world’s quickest hypnotist. In some cases, he only needs seconds. Plus, he’s the creator of several techniques that hypnotists use all over the world with great success.

Real brain magic. Martin knows the brain and human behavior. Maybe that’s why so many companies consult with him to create better communication that leads to increased success. And he’s brilliant at converting education about the brain into entertainment.